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The Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club (CIARC) welcomes anyone who is
interested in amateur radio into its membership. The club which was
founded in the early 1980’s has members from all over the central Idaho
region. The club has installed and maintains two 2 meter ham radio
repeaters on Brundage Mountain and No Business Mountain. These
repeaters can be used by any licensed ham radio operator and facilitate
communication throughout our central Idaho service area and beyond.
They are available for emergency communication and have been used by
Search and Rescue and for local events such as the “I AM Tuff Race”, the
Iditarod trials dog sled race and the McCall Running Classic to provide
reliable communications for the event. The club has provided comms for
The “4 Summit Challenge”. Many members of the Club are also members of
Valley County Search and Rescue and use their skills and radio equipment
to assist that organization. In 2018 the Club sponsored a special
Events Station, W7C, to celebrate Winter Carnival and contacted hams all
over the US, Canada and the world during its one week of operation. A
similar operation is planned for 2019.

CIARC also helps those who are interested in becoming hams to get
licensed. Club members have become Volunteer Examiners and participate
through a national coordinator to provide local ham radio license FCC
recognized testing program. Our testing sessions are usually preceded
with an all day nationally recognized ham radio class that assists
participants with passing their tests. We also assist newly licensed
hams with setting up their station and getting on the air. Since 2016,
CIARC has participated in ARRL Field Day. This June event which started in
1933 is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and has upwards of
40,000 ham participants all over North America. Groups such as ours set
up temporary operations using all sources of emergency power to test and
improve our emergency preparedness, improve our operators technical
skills and to preform community outreach. We are currently planning
our 2019 operation of events.

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