Hells Canyon Jet Boat Trips and Lodging Adventures


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This event finished on 12 August 2017

Hells Canyon Adventures is offering a 6 hour Wild River Jet Boat Tour for $189.00 a person almost every day throughout July and August, excluding July 23rd, on which they will be offering the Loop Tour for $225.00 a person. The Wild River Jet Boat Tour takes you through the Wild River Section, the Wilderness Area, the biggest whitewater rapids and you will see the deepest most rugged part of Hells Canyon. Stops include Kirkwood Historical Ranch Museum and Sheep Creek Cabin or Bernard Creek Cabin. Wildlife we usually see includes Big Horn Mountain Sheep, Deer, Bears, Bald Eagles, and many other numerous birds. Lunch and Beverages are included. We stop for a swim in June, July, August, and September. For reservations or for more information, call 800-459-8757 or 208-839-2255. 

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