WHAT: We are so excited to bring a BRAND NEW event to the Fourth of July celebration in McCall with our Backyard BBQ. This BBQ will bring together groups and organizations cooking up delicious BBQ dishes and serving them to the community. The proceeds will be used as a fundraiser for your non-profit or the non-profit that is designated on the application by the sponsoring business. Each group is responsible for distributing the funds for their designated recipient.

WHEN: Monday, July 4th, 11am-6pm

ENTRY FEE: $50 Non-Profit Organization OR $100 Business Entry

SET-UP: Set up begins on Sunday, July 3rd, 4-7pm. Day of set up is to be completed from 7am-10am with your booth ready to start serving the public at 11am.

JUDGING & AWARDS: This isn’t only a fundraiser, it is a competition! Category judging will begin at noon on July 4th. Each team is required to submit a Protein and a Side Dish for the judging portion. We will have three prize categories:

  • Protein (First Place, Second Place, Third Place)
  • Side Dish (First Place, Second Place, Third Place)
  • People’s Choice (Protein, Side Dish)


  1. EQUIPMENT – Each team will supply all of the equipment necessary for the preparation and cooking of their entry(s) including a cooker, wood, charcoal, and/or wood pellets. No team may share a cooker or grill with any other team for their actual contest entry(s). Approved Cookers include: any charcoal, wood, smokers and grills. YOU MUST HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER AT YOUR SITE!!!
  2. TEAM SITE – Will be assigned at arrival. Each site will be 10’ x 20’ and situated with the serving side utilizing the 10’ span. No electrical will be provided. If you bring your own generator, it must be a quiet one. All equipment including cooker(s), canopy, smoker trailer, table, chairs, etc. MUST be contained within your designated space. No personal vehicles are allowed in the team cooking sites (except to unload). Vehicles can only be inside the event perimeter for unloading on Sunday from 4pm – 7pm and Monday from 7am – 10am; and reloading to leave the site AFTER 11pm on Monday or the next day, Tuesday. This is a mandatory rule for everyone’s safety. NO travel trailers or RVs of any kind are permitted within the Event Site Perimeter. ALL vehicles must be removed from the fenced event perimeter site as soon as possible after unloading.
  3. BEHAVIOR – Teams must operate in a legitimate and courteous manner and keep their area clean, as well as keep all designated walkways clear at all times. All of the team’s operations must be in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and requirements. Teams agree to indemnify and defend the City of McCall and the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce for any loss, expense or damage as a result of the Exhibitor’s violation of these guarantees. Each team space must be presented in a professional, clean manner.
  4. CLEANLINESS & SANITATION – All teams are expected to maintain their cook sites in a clean and orderly manner and to use healthy and lawful sanitary practices during the preparation, cooking, and judging process in accordance with the Central District Health Department. Our Health Coordinator will be visiting all team sites for a compliance inspection and to help you get set up. We go by Valley County Health Department regulations. All teams are responsible for taking their trash to the dumpsters regularly.
    1. The approval of a temporary permit from Central District Health Department is required before operating. For further information, please call the Health Department at 208-634-7194.
  5. Alcohol – No beer, wine, intoxicating liquor or controlled substance of any kind shall be kept or sold by the team or team volunteers/employees within their allotted space.


Entry Form

  • Team Information

  • Entry Fee: $50 for nonprofit, $100 for businesses
  • This is a fundraising event. Which designated 501c3 will receive the proceeds from your booth? If your organization is a 501c3, it is appropriate to name yourself as a recipient.
  • Food Details

  • Your team is required to submit one of the following choices from the Protein category for judging.
  • Please provide a description of what you will be serving.
  • Your team is required to submit one of the following choices from the Side Dish category for judging.
  • Please provide a description of what you will be serving.
  • By submitting this form, you agree to the terms, guidelines and rules set forth in the Backyard BBQ description at the top of this page.