Written by Thomas Walsh
December 15

Burgdorf Hot Springs

…..Ahhh!!!…..What a perfect end to a perfect day. There is no better place to unwind and relax than a soak in the warm, medicinal waters of historic Burgdorf Hot Springs. Set amidst breathtaking scenery and wildlife (you may be lucky enough to spot deer, elk or moose as you soak in the sights and the water), the pool is naturally maintained with a gravel bottom and fed by natural geothermal water with a temp of 100–113 degrees, at a rate of 150 gal/min. Burgdorf pool, its beams and the outbuildings are built of natural gnarled timbers to complete the entire rustic experience.

The hot springs also offer a few basic amenities including a place to grab a quick burger or snack and dressing rooms that are now heated! You can also rent one of the 15 rustic cabins at Burgdorf. A soak in the hot springs costs $6 per person, closes at dusk and is only accessible by snowmobile during the winter months.


The hot springs was a thriving “Hippie Commune” in the 1960’s. Owned and built by Fred Burgdorf in the 1800’s, Fred came from San Francisco to Warren to prospect for gold and he obtained the Hot Springs as payment on a promissory note. He built a 25 room hotel, the ruins of which are still standing today. The cabins that he built have since been renovated and are available for rent (call 208-636-3036 for reservations). Be prepared! This is a rustic experience…a wood stove for heat, a bed, a table and an outhouse! Bring your own food, cooking utensils, and bedding and live the simple life.

Crystal Mountain

Instead of turning into Burgdorf, continue on and make the next right. From here, turn onto Forest Service Road #247. The road is often in poor condition with deep ruts. A high clearance vehicle or 4 wheel drive is recommended. There is a nice shady hiking trail (kid friendly) that starts at the far end of the campgrounds near Burgdorf. As you reach the summit, the trail opens up and a steep, jagged quartz mountain looms against the clear blue sky, inviting you to explore. Geologists and rock hounds will be in heaven at Crystal Mountain.

Carey Dome

If you continue on past Burgdorf a few more miles, you will see a sign on the right with directions to Carey Dome Look Out where there are the most spectacular panoramic mountain views! You can see for miles …and miles. Jagged mountain peaks, hidden lakes and high mountain meadows blanketed with wildflowers await your viewing.

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