Written by Thomas Walsh
December 15

Mountain Biking Trail Tour

The McCall area is ripe with miles of single and double track trails for all abilities – and getting out to ride is a great way to relive your spring fever! Read on for details on some of our favorite trails…


Elk Trail (Brundage): Shake out your winter riding cobwebs or take this route for an easy, scenic ride on the mountain. Get a lift to the top of Elk Trail by taking the Bluebird Express. Your ride will start at 7,640 feet in elevation and take you on a winding route down the mountain. The best part? You can jump back on the chairlift and do it all again!

South Boundary (Jug Mountain Ranch): A mellow and slightly longer option than Mainline which offers beautiful views of the Valley. Access from the main kiosk parking or take a quick warm up pedal on South Elk before connecting into South Boundary. Once at Murphy’s Junction, hang a left toward the expert Double Shot or continue on to the reservoir.

Foothills Park (Tamarack): This great area offers 15 miles of single and double track where entire families can play together! Intermediate and advanced trails with table tops and rock drops weave through smooth easy beginner trails that offer a great introduction to riding, allowing groups of all interests and abilities to ride together.



20 Mile Trail: Access this singletrack trail by heading up Warren Wagon road. The trailhead is past the entrance to the campground on Upper Payette Lake and there is parking in the turnout. The ride takes about 2 hours out and back and has great rock and root features as well as increasing steepness as you follow the creek farther up. When the trail gets too much to handle, just turn around and enjoy the ride down!

Vandelay and Harper’s Hollow (Jug Mountain Ranch): These hand built singletrack trails offer everything from flowy to tight and technical. Wide open sections speed things up with fun optional rock features while tight trees and switchbacks bring out your technical side. Super fun climbing or descending!

Crestline: One of the most scenic trails in the area, Crestline trail is 11 miles of magic. The route will take you past Pearl Lake, Brush Lake, Heart Lake, Sisters Lakes, Squaw Lake, Buck Lake and Blackwell Lake – how can you beat that? To get to the trailhead, drive on Warren Wagon Road for 14.5 miles and turn right onto Forest Service road 432. Take the left fork at the first junction, the right fork at the second and then the trail starts off the road about 5 miles up.

Eagle’s Nest Loop: A fun, flowing singletrack loop that climbs to incredible views of the valley before heading downhill again for a ride to remember. Park at the old weigh station on Warm Lake Road off Highway 55 in Cascade. Bike up the road for 2.5 miles to a spring water spigot and turn left up Road #400.



Zorro (Brundage): Take full advantage of gravity’s pull on this technical track. After catching the Bluebird Express to the top of the mountain, hit the “High Voltage” trail before cutting over to Zorro for even more thrills. Though short, this narrow singletrack will get your adrenaline pumping. Take “Growler” back down to the Lodge and reward yourself with a cold brew at Smoky’s Bar and Grill.

Double Shot and Stitches (Jug Mountain Ranch): One and a half miles of pure downhill ONLY bliss. A mixture of rocks, wood features, tables and tacky berms create the perfect trail to get your flow on! If you still have energy to spare, test your skills on “Exfoliator.” The name says it all – a trail not to be taken lightly!

Lake Fork and Kennally Creek: A great trail to get you to Boulder Lake for stellar fishing and swimming. The trail starts at the end of Paddy Flat Road and winds 4 miles through thick forests and up a several steep sections to Boulder Lake. From there, relax and celebrate your efforts or link up with the Kennally Creek trail to create a large loop (just keep in mind this trail will add 12.5 miles to your ride!).



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