Written by Thomas Walsh
December 15

Sooth the Soul

There is a freshness to mountain living that soothes the soul and McCall has lots of ways to partake, especially when the weather turns crisp and cool.

A day of pampering

When the weather starts to cool down and we can’t enjoy the stunning outdoor massage pavilion at Unwind Body Spa without getting goosebumps, it is time to head inside for an herbal detox bath. An infusion of detoxifying herbs pulls toxins out and leaves you feeling refreshed. Add a wrap to your bath for an even deeper detox. Unwind also has a fabulous mud bath we highly recommend. The “Moor Mud Bath” blends high concentrations of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to sooth sore muscles, reduce joint swelling and stimulate the immune system.

Looking for something to target that deep pain? Experience the rejuvenation of Ashiatsu McCall, specializing in foot pressure massage where overhead bars support the therapist as her feet massage your body. Don’t knock it until you try it – this type of massage targets the hardest working muscles in your body and leaves you relaxed and happy.

Want to include your sweetheart? We can’t say enough about The Cove’s side-by-side couples massages. Turn any massage on the menu into a retreat for you and your significant other. Keep your post-massage serenity going by escaping to the immersion pools for an hour or two. Bring your bathing suit and lounge by these unique indoor/outdoor saltwater pools. Order lunch, sip a cocktail, or simple sit back and relax.

Sometimes going to the spa for a single massage just doesn’t cut it. Enter Spa del Sol & Shanti Yoga’s deluxe packages. While packages allow you to pick and choose your treatment combinations and timeframe, we can’t resist going all out with the full day package. What do you get? How about 6 hours of pampering that includes a hydrating body wrap & scalp treatment followed by a eucalyptus steam and 6o minute aromatherapy massage. After a delicious, nutritious spa lunch, you will enjoy a customized facial treatment, complemented by an anti-aging hand treatment and a revitalizing eye treatment. Complete your day with a manicure & pedicure. Perfection!

Work up a sweat

Sometimes the best way to find inner peace is to get your heart pumping! McCall has a fabulous network of pathways and pedestrian-friendly roadways perfect for a morning run. Want to really put on some miles? Take the route around Payette Lake. Start on Warren Wagon road, near Shore Lodge, and head to North Beach. There you will turn on East Side Drive and navigate a dirt road before hitting pavement again near Tamarack Bay. Continue on past the turn to Little Payette Lake and head toward town on Lick Creek Road and past the McCall Golf Course. At the entrance to Ponderosa State Park, turn left on to Davis Avenue. Turn right on Wooley Avenue, which will take you into downtown McCall. Take the scenic route past Legacy Park and connect to Highway 55. Come full circle and run west along Highway 55 back to Warren Wagon road.

Looking to hit the hiking trail? Learn more about our favorite treks in the Hiking Itinerary.

Expand your horizons

When we think of relaxation, we often focus on physical aspects and forget about the power of our minds. The McCall area is privileged to be home to several health and wellness experts who offer methods to feed your creativity. Start with Renée Silvus at Luminaire and design your own retreat. Explore topics including problem-solving, the creative process, reframing stress, compassionate communication and many more. Want to get artistic? The McCall Arts and Humanities Council has fabulous year-round programming covering everything from painting to cooking to theatrical productions.

No matter what experience you choose in McCall, you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived!


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